• Mar. 06 2008 From Reality to Game Early in the design process for Ninja Reflex, we traveled to Asia in search of reference material and inspiration. Gaming is an inevitable part of many people. Casino games are also becoming popular in countries like Malaysia. With the widespread use of the internet, online gambling Malaysia sites are in high demand. This proves the craze for gambling in people.
  • Mar. 04 2008 EA and Nunchuck Games Ship NINJA REFLEX to Stores in North America and Europe Players Improve Mental Sharpness, Hand-Eye Coordination and Reaction Times In the Ultimate Reflex Trainer
  • Feb. 18 2008 WELCOME TO THE NINJA REFLEX WEBSITE! Welcome to the dojo! I am your Sensei. I welcome you to the website for Ninja Reflex, the game for Nintendo DS™ & Wii™ where you will learn to move like the tiger and strike like the dragon! Many of these games are available for betting in different casinos. Casinos have started accepting cryptocurrencies for attracting crypto users into betting. Casinos supporting different cryptocurrencies are available. Gamblers who are looking to gamble using dogecoin can check here to find the right place.

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